Cuanto dura el zelda breath of the wild

Cuanto dura el zelda breath of the wild

Zelda: breath of the wild guide svenska

In this case, A Knight's Quest tries to carve out a niche in the adventure genre that once starred greats such as Sir Daniel Fortesque, introducing us in this case to Rusty, a friendly and not very skilled character who will have to face an evil that threatens the world.

The title, which is inevitably inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, tries to build a world of its own by incorporating mechanics seen in games like Prince of Persia or Dark Souls. But rest assured, in this review of A Knight's Quest for PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC we won't say that A Knight's Quest is the Dark Souls of youth adventures...

A priori, it is noticeable that the story of A Knight's Quest follows to the letter the template set and developed by the classics of the genre. A great evil stalks the world and a hero (the protagonist) must confront this supernatural threat with the help of different powers that he will have to recover throughout the adventure.

¿Cuánto dura 100% Breath of the Wild?

Leer más. Si nos centramos en los objetivos principales, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild tiene una duración aproximada de 50 Horas. Si eres un jugador que se esfuerza por ver todos los aspectos del juego, es probable que pases alrededor de 189 Horas para obtener el 100% de finalización.

¿Cuántas horas de juego tiene Breath of the Wild?

En lo que no sorprende a casi nadie, Breath of the Wild es actualmente el juego de Legend of Zelda más largo de completar. Aunque técnicamente los jugadores pueden ir directamente a Calamity Ganon después del tutorial para luchar contra él, una partida estándar durará unas 50 horas.

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Zelda: breath of the wild walkthrough

Even the post-launch content plan is one of the most appealing... starting with A New God, the DLC we reviewed, which gives us the opportunity to place Fenyx in the pantheon of gods, alongside Ares, Athena, Aphrodite and Hephaestus. It's a complicated mission, but we were able to defeat the titan Typhon in the main game, right?

In fact, before we start, we go back to the character editor, to change Fenyx's gender and appearance to our liking. Just be warned that if we haven't finished the story, the first few minutes may spoil the surprises of the ending with a few "spoilers". Here you can read our review of Immortals Fenyx Rising.

Again it is Hermes who welcomes us, and explains what our task is. If Fenyx wants to get a place with the other gods (if you have finished the game you already know why), he must complete a series of jobs, which make a fool of the 12 trials of Hercules. With these tests, we win the favor of Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Ares and Athena (in addition to collecting the pieces of the equipment of the hours), and we obtain the right to appear next to Zeus.

Breath of the wild review

Since Nintendo announced a free patch for the outstanding The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey on the occasion of the Nintendo Labo VR Kit, I was not at all optimistic about it. Because if I was already cautious with those glasses for less than 40 euros, more if anything with this other.

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Moreover, all of them will take full advantage of the Switch screen, but not the field of view offered by the glasses, which is most uncomfortable to have to turn your eyes too much, which is tiring in VR.

Already with the game in action the thing does not improve, because the "effect" of Virtual Reality is nothing more than turning the camera a little to move away or approach Link. The same thing we do with the right stick, but in a more uncomfortable, impractical and more likely to dizziness.

And is that playing with Mario in VR one of the shortcomings of the VR Kit is noticed, the null possibility of approaching our face to the objects, since when doing so they move away. Although, yes, the Virtual Reality effect is more successful.

Breath of the wild order to do things

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Thanks to his legacy as the hero of Hyrule, each incarnation of Link is given different titles regarding his adventure, including the famous "Legendary Hero" or "Hero of Time" title in Ocarina of Time.

His physical characteristics vary somewhat from game to game, although he is generally a teenager of short stature (between 140cm+ and over 150cm), which sometimes tends to vary between average height (160cm+ and 170cm+). During the classic video games, Link has a marked short stature, being initially based on elves. In Ocarina of Time, his height is 170cm. In Breath of the Wild, Link is 147cm. In the Hyrule Warriors video games, his height is the same as Zelda's.

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Link is also depicted as left-handed in almost every game, with the exception of Twilight Princess and in Skyward Sword, where he is right-handed, due to the fact that he was switched to find a better way to control the character's sword with the Wii Remote. However, in the GameCube version of Twilight Princess, Link is left-handed.

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